Wedding, Conference and Banqueting Space at AAR Resort & Spa

Wedding venues serve a far larger purpose than simply providing you with a place to hold your ceremony and reception. They are the destination where your dream wedding will be realized. Whether you're planning an exquisite, sophisticated ceremony, a colorful and opulent party, or a vibrant combination of both, the wedding venue at AAR Resort & Spa represents beauty, artistry, and tradition.

AAR Resort & Spa has a cutting-edge banquet hall that seamlessly blends elegance and technology. Luxurious, stylish, and multifunctional contemporary spaces that can accommodate up to 700 people make them the ideal banquet hall in Dehradun for any event ranging from large-scale weddings, corporate conferences, product launches, and fashion events to more intimate dinners, and boardroom discussions.

What we do

In-house event planners will help you create custom packages of services and activities that are tailored to your specific requirements. The conference and Banqueting space at AAR Resort & Spa is a delightfully enriching experience thanks to innovative cuisine and excellent service.

The AAR Resort & Spa's largest banquet facility is a modern 3500-square-foot hall with 2 lawns of 6000 Sq Ft and 5000 Sq Ft each. Wall panels wrapped in soothing raw silk exude extravagance, while silk curtains behind glass-topped credenzas exude royalty. The spacious interiors are ideal for all types of banquet arrangements and can be tailored to meet the majority of your requirements.


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Why choose us

Casual Buffet Setup

The casual buffet setup offers an ideal atmosphere for encouraging healthy, informal interaction among your guests. This buffet-style will never fail to entertain your guests, whether it's a cocktail party, a press function, or even a business get-together.

Sit Down Buffets

This arrangement is the most convenient when the evenings include cocktails followed by dinner. You can arrange people however you want at the table by placing name cards at each place.

Theme Parties

This banquet style is ideal for when you want to throw a party with a specific theme. Whether it's a formal dinner or a romantic evening, our banquet setup ensures that your guests are treated like royalty.



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